Keeping Calm and Carrying On - Repost from OneCheapBitch.blogspot

by - 5:56 PM

So, how irritated were you by Blogger's outage yesterday and this morning?  At first I thought it was just me but when I woke up this morning and saw the problem still there, I did a Google search and that explained everything.  Still, I Kept Calm and Carried On - literally:

Don't you just love that saying in blue?  I was searching high and low for that blue hue and was ecstatic when I found it online yesterday.  It inspired me to change things up on my tv display.  Yes, I display things on my tv since we have one of those ancient box tv cabinets.
The candle holders are Calypso for Target.  Not bad at $2.99 each.  I also broke out my starfish from last year. 

Once again, feeling very beachy and the weather is finally catching up with my mood.


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