Garage Sale Basket Halloween Makeover

by - October 09, 2011

I picked up this little black basket at a garage sale yesterday morning.  I gave it a quick Halloween makeover last night.  Everything can easily be removed so I can use it for Thanksgiving, Xmas, etc. too:

I added a few crumpled pieces of orange tissue paper to the bottom - which came from a thrift store - and then added the sheet that is just slightly coming up from the top.  My 4 year old wanted to add the skeletons which we got from Home Goods last year.  Could have sworn I had 4 of them but we could only locate three - lol!

I tied on some orange tea-stained seam binding as a finishing touch.  We hung it on the porch.  I will be adding more photos of our porch Halloween decor this week.

Once again, a quick, easy and cheap project!  My favorite kind!


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