Now It's Pottery Barn's Fault

by - October 14, 2011

Here we are 2 weeks away from Halloween and I've got Xmas on the brain.  First it was Home Goods' fault and now I blame it all on Pottery Barn.  I just got their new holiday catalog and it's definitely put me in an Xmas mood.

I picked up a few of these battery-operated candles from AC Moore earlier this week with the intent of using them for Halloween.  But after flipping through the PB catalog, I decided to make some for Xmas too.
I hand-stamped some Xmas holiday music onto plain ol' craft paper.  Then I used some dots to adhere it to my candle.  I tied some twine around the top with some jingle bells for a rustic look.  Super easy and the candles were only $2.99 at AC Moore - although I'm sure the Christmas Tree Shoppes will have them cheaper as we get closer to the holidays.
I can't wait to put a few of these in our front windows in December!


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