Fleur de Lis Candlesticks

by - April 18, 2012

Ever start a project and end up scratching your head halfway through?  That's what happened to me with these fleur de lis candlesticks.  I picked them up from a thrift store last week.  They were originally white but a little grungy.  I thought they would look good with a chocolate brown makeover but...

They went back to white.  I did indeed paint them brown but it was a flat brown and they looked, well, icky.  So I gave them a fresh coat of gloss white over the brown.  I did just one coat because I did want some of the brown to show through for an aged look.
Not sure if you can see remnants of the brown peeking through in my photos.
I added some French script candles to them.  The ones from my Etsy shop fit quite nicely.  I may have to use these for props when photographing them!

So three coats of spray paint later and I'm back to white.  At least it's not the original grungy white.


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