Sunday, November 3, 2013

Upcycled Santas

Away went the Halloween decorations and out came the Xmas decorations this weekend.  No, just kidding!  Although I did hear Xmas music on the radio already, which was perfect for my trio of upcycled Santas.
Well, the Santas themselves aren't quite upcycled.  The pieces I used to make them are: a Pringles canister, an old Hershey's tin and a random tin we had floating around the house.
I really love how this guy turned out.  First I printed out the image onto sheet music.  Then I glued it around my Hershey's tin.  Once that was dry, I added some pink, yes pink, tea-stained seam binding around the lid.  I used some to tie a bow to add my rusty jingle bells.  I like using non-traditional holiday colors these days.  Red and green just don't seem to cut it for me anymore.
This tin is actually from a Spongebob card game my 6 year old.  I was shocked when he said I could have it.  Before he changed his mind, I quickly gave it a few coats of white spray paint to start.  I glued in some vintage book paper.  The Santa and reindeer are from The Graphics Fairy.  Not sure if you can see, but I finished it up with German glass glitter in random spots and lace around the edges.
And here we have my second ever Pringles makeover.  The first one I did had a Frenchy touch.  This one includes another great Santa image from The Graphics Fairy.  I covered the canister with sheet music and then added my Santa image.  This one has blue and white tea-stained seam binding.
And Xmas spelled out with Scrabble letters.  The letters are actually glued onto the seam binding.  I'm shocked they're staying on so well!  I finished this one up with some German glass glitter as well. I can't wait to put these guys out later this month.

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Donna said...

Love your Santa creations! I especially love the shadowbox tin one, what a great idea! Bet you could use an old mint tin, too. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Just adore your Santa creations:)
Have a great day.

Lisette Baker said...

Love all your projects. So excited to see Christmas projects appearing! Coming to you via the Graphics Fairy.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love the tin! I have like 100 Altoid tins here waiting for crafting. I've also been saving different containers and cans to do things with, too. I should probably get started before it's too late!