Bunny Napkins

by - March 06, 2014

I picked up some plain white napkins at our local church thrift store last week.  I wanted to dress them up a bit, so I broke out the TAP paper again and came up with this sweet touch for Easter.

I've used this image on several projects.  I bought it off Etsy a couple of years ago and I never get bored of it.
I like that it's not overly Easter-ish, so I can use them year-round.
And of course who doesn't love a little French touch with the Le Lapin!

It took me literally 10 minutes to do four of them.  I have two more left to finish.  Thankfully, there is plenty of time before Easter!


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  1. I had some bunny napkins that I did in my Etsy, but they sold. I need to make sure I look for napkins this year when I hit yard sales.

  2. These are charming...the black graphic looks so pretty on the white fabric!


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