Finally, Garage Sale Finds

by - 4:00 AM

I treated myself to some garage sales yesterday (finally!) and scored some great finds. 

I'm very picky when I go to garage sales.  I look for very specific items, so nine times out of ten I leave empty-handed.  The first few sales were a bust until I hit one in Bellmore.  I couldn't grab these rosary beads fast enough!
The next sale had a ton of Halloween and craft goodies.  One lady bought 5 big buckets of craft supplies before I could rifle through. Rats!  I had to settle for this trio of silver pumpkins.
I don't know why I'm constantly buying racks with hooks.  I swear we don't have that much clothing.  This one just needs a fresh coat of paint.  I couldn't pass up the dancing skeleton dish towels for $1, and fingers crossed the faux tealights work.  Again, for $1, I couldn't say no.

I spent about $12 on everything and it felt great getting back into the garage sale trenches.


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