Grrrr...New Year's Resolutions

by - December 30, 2014

Anyone else dreading New Year's?  Well, not so much New Year's, but more the pressure to make resolutions that seem to go out the window by Valentine's Day?!  For 2015, I'm going to try really, really hard to stick to my resolutions.  I don't have many:

Resolution #1: Stop buying things we don't need and put that money to work in a high yield savings account.  No, my kids don't need another Lego set.  And, no I don't really need that Tory Burch bag.  Still, I realize I'm human, so I'm giving myself a $100 a month budget to buy myself and the boys some goodies.  That's it: $100 and once it's gone, I'm going to have to wait until the next month.  You hear that J. Crew Factory????  That also includes Michael's, Hobby Lobby and A.C. Moore.
Resolution #2: Stop worrying so much.  I'm a Virgo, so it's in my nature, I'm afraid.  I'm really hoping to take it down a notch for 2015.  I need to realize there are just some things (and people) I can't change and no amount of worrying is going to fix certain problems.  I'm going to go with the flow and be easy like Sunday morning.
Resolution #3: Get rid of the clutter and get back to being organized.  Again, being a Virgo, we tend to be organized to a fault.  Well, I used to be.  Then I had a husband...and two boys. My house isn't quite hoarders-buried-alive, but there are days I feel like it is.  Not anymore.  I'm making a valiant effort to keep everything in its place, toss what we don't need and file what we do.  I don't want to have to dig through the linen closet to find my flat iron.  I want to know exactly where it is when I need it.  Same goes with my car keys, cellphone charger, school spelling words list, etc.

Those are my top 3 resolutions anyway.  Wish me luck!  What resolutions are you making and sticking with for 2015?

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