Halloween Houses

by - September 14, 2015

I bought these paper mache houses last year for Christmas.  They were a little larger than I had expected, but I still decided to make them work by painting them black and adding tea lights for the holiday season.  

This year, I decided to give them a Halloween makeover.  I bought black and orange glitter, and kept the black paint.  I wasn't sure which glitter to use at first.  I really like Pottery Barn's version of Halloween houses - which use black glitter.  Still I was drawn to the orange.
So I did the first two in orange.  I'm not a huge fan of glitter - mainly because of the mess it leaves behind.  So this was an outside job in between rain storms this weekend.
I see a few spots that I missed, so I'll try and fill them in today.  The last house, which is also the largest, will get the black glitter just to break up all of the orange.

Wish me luck!


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  1. These are awesome and turned out wonderful. Orange seems to be the color this season for projects. Have fun! cm


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