Holiday Soaps

by - October 23, 2011's a bit chilly here today, so I didn't feel guilty whipping up a few more Xmas goodies this morning.  Last year someone gave me a bowl filled with these scented soaps.  They are wrapped in plastic still making them perfect for this makeover:

I bought a disc with a ton of these vintage holiday card images off of Ebay a few years ago.  This was before I discovered the joys of Etsy.  Still, they come in handy and I used them today for my holiday soaps.
Obviously, blue was the theme - although my bathroom is pink?!  It didn't dawn on me until they were all done.  Oh well, I still think they will look cute in there stacked on the wall-mounted soap dish we never use.

You could probably even use some holiday wrapping paper to make these.  All I did was print off the images, cut them to fit my soaps and then adhered them on with Glue Dots.  I like that I can use them again and again depending upon the holiday and images I have on hand.


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  1. Cute idea...I m also beginning to "think" Christmas!! I finally took One Cheap Bitch off my side bar and updated it with this blog (I have been going to the old one and linking over - call me lazy!!) Now at least I can see a quick peek of what you have been up to!


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