Frenchy Peat Pots

by - March 25, 2014

Wouldn't you know it?  We're gearing up for what I hope will be the last snow storm of the season.  I'm keeping myself busy by making some Frenchy peat pots.

I didn't want to make these too Easter-y as I will likely keep them out all year.  So instead of adding bunnies and chicks, I added some French book paper, lace and buttons.
And just because Easter is a few weeks away, I did add an egg and a Dollar Store bird - who has apparently seen better days.  Lol! Luckily, they can easily be removed and swapped out with something else.
I really am obsessed with peat pots.  So easy to make and so stinking cute.  
I pick them up whenever I see them at a local garage sale or I stock up by ordering them from Greenhouse Megastore.  They have a great variety and are reasonably priced.  I am not being compensated for mentioning them - I just really love their stock and prices!

I have a few more in the works, but for now I'm loving these new ones!


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  1. I love peat pots, too. I love taking something so plain and making it pretty. Love the flashcards.

  2. So cute!! My post today shows some I made for Easter. Come over and see them!! Love the lace on yours, gives me an idea!!!

  3. They turned out tres chic! I love how you added the French vocabulary card! I have a ton of those, I hadn't even thought of adding them. So thanks for the inspiration! And I'll have to check out that store.

  4. Love these, and all the better that they can be out all year long.
    Have a happy one,


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