Wish Me Luck!

by - March 12, 2014

I'm embarking on a journey I've never taken before.  I'm going to attempt to upholster dining room chairs and I'm terrified!

We swapped dining sets with my father-in-law over the weekend. This is a pretty oak dining set but the cushions are killing me.  See what I mean?
I've never upholstered anything before so I've been busy bookmarking blog posts and Pinterest pages on how to do it.  Some say to just add the new fabric over the old fabric; others say scrap the old fabric and padding and start fresh.  I haven't decided which to do yet, so any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
I also have to work on getting a few water rings off the table.  I'm planning to use mayonnaise over the weekend.

Wish me luck!


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  1. I would just add fabric over it if it's only one layer which it probably is.
    Just remove the seat place on the fabric, fold & staple gun it!
    Don't worry once you've done one it's not a biggie, just see how you want the folds to go, you can wrap it like a gift or pull/stretch & staple... entirely up to you!!
    Good luck! Vicki

  2. well we seem to be working " in tandem" with our projects here. this is SO easy to do! truly. i'm sure you have a screwdriver around the house and can easily remove the seat cushions from the chair frames. if your fabric is as as thick as or thicker/darker than what you have on there now, no need to remove the original fabric. i usually keep mine "on." the only "trick" is in making sure you don't cut your new fabric square too small. give yourself plenty to work with and cut off the excess after you've stapled it to the chair pad. as i said in my blog post, do opposites sides first...that way you can get your fabric nice and tight. then , when you're ready for your other sides and "folds".....just wrap like a present. you know how to do that i'm SURE! it'll be great. go for it! can't wait to see them when they're finished. Bonne chance! ;)

  3. Oh it's a piece of cake covering the chair seats, really.
    I did it the first time and it turned out great.
    staple gun
    scissors is all you need

  4. Sounds like a great project, Jeanine! I know just what you mean about being terrified to reupholster, though! I had never done it either and needed to redo the antique dining chairs we bought and painted. I watched some videos on line on how to reupholster, but got a little frustrated, so hubby took over and did great job! It really isn't that hard, just be sure to cut way more fabric than you think you will need, to stretch underneath the seat and staple!! Let us know how it goes, good luck!

  5. Jeanine if your new fabric is thick, I would just cover over the old... I've done it a million times. It is always funny when you finally do remove the fabric and find about 4 layers! Good luck I'm sure it will be great!

  6. I've never attempted this, but after seeing everything else you do, I know it will turn out great, Jeanine.

    Loved adding your glassine bags to my treasury... also blogged the treasury.

    Best of luck with your project!

  7. This is an easy project especially if the seats unscrew. I would cover over the existing fabric if the existing fabric didn't show through. Just use staples that aren't too shallow so they won't pop out easily. Good luck. Can't wait to see the after.

    xo Danielle

  8. You can do it! Just make sure you have a good staple gun!
    I wanted to thank you for the book and sweet goodies! Sorry I didn't touch base sooner but fighting again/still with the ex over the support agreement in my divorce decree. It's been final for a year, does it ever end?!!
    Anyway, was pretty depressed until I received your Treasures. Thank you so much. Timing was perfect. xoxoxo *hugs*deb


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