Mini Xmas Peat Pots

by - 6:01 AM

What can you do with some leftover bottle brush trees and miniature deer?  If you're like me and already made enough "snow globes" using them, here's another idea.

Mini Xmas peat pots!  I had already painted the pots white and basically forgot about them.  I broke them out over the weekend for this quick project.
I folded some vintage lace over the rims and then tucked in some Poly-Fil to be my "snow."  Then I just added my trees and deer, along with some vintage sheet music scraps.  One also holds a fabric joy tag I did a few weeks ago.
I added some picture hangers to hold my number tags (from Ikea) - 25 of course!  A really sweet and simple Xmas touch for our livingroom.


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