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by - November 20, 2017

Sharing a super easy Christmas ornament you can make in 15 minutes or less!
I actually made these last year for a Christmas fair.  They went over really well, but I did have some leftovers.  All you need are some Jenga blocks, Scrabble tiles, a glue gun and wire (paint optional).
I started by painting some of the Jenga blocks red.  Some I left plain because I think they look more rustic.  Anywho, start by drilling holes on either side of the block - this is so you can add your wire.  Next use your glue gun to glue the tiles onto the front of each block.
Once that's dry, you just slip your wire through the tops and coil them up at the bottom so they stay in place.  You can add your own embellishments.  I added the rusty bell to my JOY one (and most of the ones I sold had the bells).  Super easy, right?
While I was at it, I used a vintage ruler and some Scrabble tiles to make another design.  This one has a rhinestone embellishment and I used a soda tab to string some baker's twine through for easy hanging.
Think of the possibilities!  You can do family names or other seasonal expressions - as long as they fit the Jenga block.  This idea is floating all around the blogosphere and Pinterest, but everyone has their own take on it - and now you can add yours too!


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