Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pinterest Copycat: Pumpkin Mason Jar

We've been having autumn-like weather in NY lately.  I think I've put the air-conditioner on twice all summer and I'm loving that! The cool temperatures have definitely gotten me in the mood for some fall creations.  This one is Pinterest copycat: a pumpkin Mason jar.
I think the actual pin was for an apple but I made mine into a pumpkin.  I painted the glass part orange and the lids green.  Then I added the painted wood spool as the stem.
Then I painted some Scrabble wood blocks black and played around with some lettering.  Too early for Halloween phrases so I stuck with autumn and pumpkins.  
The black will definitely work well for some creepy Halloween words too.  I'm picturing them on a stack of black books - like the bunch I got at the thrift store last week.


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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Glassine Sacks

I've been tinkering with some holiday glassine sacks for the shop. Since crafting time has been few and far between, this will have to do for me for now.
I used stickers for some for Halloween.
And hand-stamped some for Christmas.
And visited The Graphics Fairy for others.

I'm working on some matching tags as well.  Yes, it seems super early but the early bird does get the worm in Etsy world.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Finally, Garage Sale Finds

I treated myself to some garage sales yesterday (finally!) and scored some great finds. 
I'm very picky when I go to garage sales.  I look for very specific items, so nine times out of ten I leave empty-handed.  The first few sales were a bust until I hit one in Bellmore.  I couldn't grab these rosary beads fast enough!
The next sale had a ton of Halloween and craft goodies.  One lady bought 5 big buckets of craft supplies before I could rifle through. Rats!  I had to settle for this trio of silver pumpkins.
I don't know why I'm constantly buying racks with hooks.  I swear we don't have that much clothing.  This one just needs a fresh coat of paint.  I couldn't pass up the dancing skeleton dish towels for $1, and fingers crossed the faux tealights work.  Again, for $1, I couldn't say no.

I spent about $12 on everything and it felt great getting back into the garage sale trenches.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thrifty Finds

I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't had too much time to blog of late.  Camp ended for my boys last week, so don't have a lot of free time to craft or blog.  My posts until back to school will likely be few and far between.
But I did want to share a few thrifty finds from last week.  Yes, I'm already thinking ahead to Halloween.  I want to make more creepy book stacks and these fit the bill - they are already black!  No painting for moi.  I never pass up vintage Bobbsey Twins' books. The little checkerboard is for the 9 year old's room.
And speaking of Halloween...yes, I have started tinkering with ideas.  This is how I've been envisioning the book stacks: spooky black frame on top.  I plan on hand-stamping the pages so they read things like boo and Happy Halloween.
Get on over to Pinterest if you haven't lately.  Folks are starting to pin lots of great Halloween ideas - including tons of free printables. My witch one is from Etsy.  I printed it out onto vintage sheet music for my frame.  I sneak onto Pinterest when the boys are playing nicely or sleeping.

Lastly, forgive me if I haven't been over to your blogs in a bit. Keeping two boys busy and handling my day job leaves me exhausted.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Home Goods Finds

We had our boys' birthday party this weekend so I had to skip garage sale shopping again.  That's okay because I popped into Home Goods on Friday for a little retail therapy.
I went in looking for a tablecloth for the party - which I did get - and came out with this little ceramic love dish.  So adorable!
And then there was this little bird plate.  I have that same exact bird in a rubber stamp so I couldn't pass it up!
I've wanted a ceramic strawberry basket for years.  I love the color of this one.
Lastly is this salt and pepper set.  Love the lettering.

I spent less than $50 on everything including the tablecloth.  So, yes, I am definitely Home Goods happy!


*I was not compensated for this post; I just love shopping at Home Goods!*

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dollar Store Wood Chest

I picked up a little, unfinished wood chest earlier this week at the Dollar store.  With a little paint and some Frenchy touches, it now looks like this.
This took about two coats of white paint.  The image is from The Graphics Fairy.  I used Omni Gel to add it to the top.
I used a Bingo piece to add a little personality to the front.  And it's filled with...
Faux moss from the Dollar store, French book paper and a couple of starfish.

Not bad for $1!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Burlap & Starfish

Oh boy, is it Monday already?  I feel like the weekend is a blur because we had a lot of family time, playdates and birthday parties this weekend.  This translates into: Jeanine did not get to hit any garage sales this weekend.  Harumpf!
That's okay because in between the madness, I was able to paint a few recycled food cans.  I used the last bit of my Annie Sloan Old White chalk. Seriously, I was scraping the bottom trying to get every last bit out.
Once they were dry, I hot glued pieces of burlap to each can. Originally, I was going to add some bling to the burlap, but then I spied some leftover starfish and they seemed to be the perfect size for the cans: not too big, not too small.
I hot glued them onto the burlap and voila: instant upcycled, nautical-inspired bliss.  I have candles in them and am looking forward to lighting them for our next summer get together.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prayer Candle

I picked up a plain, white prayer candle for 50 cents at a garage sale earlier this month.  It sat and sat - patiently waiting for some sort of makeover.
I finally got around to dressing it up yesterday.
I printed off this gorgeous holy card image (from The Graphics Fairy) onto label paper.  All I had to do was cut, peel and stick.
Then I added a pink rhinestone and hand-stamped the word prier (pray in French) on a small tag, and tied it to the candle using twine.

Sometimes a few simple touches are all you need!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chalkboard Rooster Cutting Board

Remember the wood rooster cutting board I picked up last weekend at a local garage sale?  Now it matches my chalkboard pig!
I gave it a few coats of chalkboard spray paint over the weekend.
I have it displayed in the kitchen across from my piggy one.
The boys love it and so do I!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Upcycled French Tray

I picked up this little wood tray at a local thrift store last week.  It was originally an ugly blue/green.  After a few coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint, it's now a pretty French tray.
At first I painted it white, but the white didn't seem to be covering the old paint very well.  So I switched to grey.  Much better!
You've probably seen this image on The Graphics Fairy.  It's one of my favorites!  And it fits perfectly for my little tray.  I used the Omni Gel method to add it to the front of the tray.  I couldn't wait to take pictures - you can see it's still a little wet/shiny in some spots.  Apparently, patience is not one of my virtues.

Love, love, loving my new tray!

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