Goodwill Finds

by - May 23, 2011

Since garage sale shopping was a bust for me on Saturday, I popped into the local Goodwill yesterday and so glad I did!  Just lookie at all the goodies I got for a mere $12:

I'm not sure if those ceramic dishes are dishes or candle holders (anyone, anyone?).  I got a set of 4.  The skinny little platter I thought would look lovely in my bathroom and provide a pretty spot to place the toothpaste.  The bath wash/salts I really got for the little vials but I am tempted to soak in a nice warm bath with them later.  I have a great image from the Graphics Fairy already planned for the front of the little metal shaker.
Isn't this little cherub clock adorable?  Of course it's missing the clock pieces but I'm sure that's an easy fix.  Thinking either a white or pink makeover. Decisions, decisions...


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  1. Cute clock! You should be able to get the clock kit at Michael's and it will be as good as new!

  2. Lovely finds. I especially like the idea of using the long ceramic platter as a home for the toothpaste. These little touches we add to our homes are so nice.
    Looking forward to seeing the clock and the metal canister after you've done your magic.
    Anne xx

  3. Love what you did with the shaker. I thought it was big til you told what it was.

    I accidentally came upon that tip of using tape to "age" things, quite by accident myself. Great accident!! =)

    Love the cherub clock

    barbara jean

  4. Really love the concept of your whole blog! Just makes me smile. :)



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