Happy Memorial Day and Some Virginia Garage Sale Finds

by - May 29, 2011

Just got back from a lovely trip visiting my sister in Virginia.  We had a great time but I was so disappointed by the garage sales.  Maybe it was the holiday weekend?  Anywho, she lives in a very rural area and this is all I got:

The little chair I'm going to paint white.  The three year old has already staked his claim for it.  And you can never have too many cloches - especially for 99 cents!  We also popped over to the Leesburg Outlet, where I scooped up the pillow case from Restoration Hardware and the skeleton key.
We had a great time and hoping everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend too!  Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway!


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  1. Glad you had a good time. That little chair is really cute. I did one at one time for my mother-in-law for her collectible dolls.

  2. I think I live near your sister and there weren't many yard sales around this weekend. Since i wasn't going to be able to go to any this week, I was a little glad. Normally, there are lots in the area. Nothing worse than knowing you are missing a ton of yard sale because of other commitments!

    Next time you visit, be sure to check out some of the local thrifts. I usually have good luck at them.

    You did find some cool stuff, though. Great price on that cloche!

  3. Glad you had fun visiting your sister ~ the little chair is very cute! I also love the sweet little dress you found in your last post ~ looks great how you've displayed it!


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