Kitchen Remodel Revealed

by - 1:54 PM

I'm so happy that my kitchen is finally finished!  My husband did everything himself so I can take 0 credit.  You can see a bit of the before here.  And here are the afters:

I'm soooooo happy to finally have a dishwasher!  I've gone without one for almost 11 years and I just don't how we did without!  He still has to add the curtains back up over the sink.
I have so much more cabinet space now!  And they are lower.  At 6', even I had a hard time reaching the old cabinets.  My poor husband is 5'6" so you can only imagine how hard it was for him - lol!
I'm still putting back some of the vintage goodies i.e. old signs, vintage pottery, etc. we had in here originally but I don't want to go overboard.  Neat and clean is my goal this time around!
Still trying to decide if I want to add knobs to the cabinets.  Those things are expensive and we can open them quite easily now but I almost feel like they are missing a little something-something.  We'll also be adding a little island soon to replace the old patio table and chairs we had in there.  For 11 years - ack!

So glad it's done!  One hurdle down and about 1,000 more to go!


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