Sheet Music Cones

by - November 02, 2011

What do you do when you have an abundance of vintage sheet music?  Why you make sheet music holiday cones of course!:

Very easy to make and I think the sheet music is just so perfect for the holidays.  I did three different versions: one with a heart and some twine; one with tea-stained seam binding and the last with some bells and twine.
Each one has the red faux pearl embellishment on top and twine "hangers."  I'm hoping to make a bunch more because I think they'll look sweet on our Xmas tree this year.  Or I might get some dollar store faux berries to add to them.

And of course the best part once again is having everything I needed on hand!


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  1. Cute! Great idea...I just posted 3 diff projects with sheet music :)


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