Tart Tin Ornaments

by - 5:54 AM

I've had these little tart tins for a while now.  You've probably seen them in blogland and in Somerset Living magazine - they even sell them on their website but I got mine off of Etsy.  I knew I wanted to make them into ornaments so I got the hubby to drill a little hole in each one yesterday so I could make these Santa ornaments:

Both images are from the Graphics Fairy.  First I tried to stick them on with Mod Podge.  That was a bit of an epic fail as they peeled off.  Plan B: Glue Dots.  I put like four or five of them on the backs of the cardstock and voila! - they stayed put.
Next I drizzled some glue on the edges and pressed them into some German glass glitter.  I also added some glitter to each image to make them sparkle.  The final touch was the red and green ribbon.

Now I have two new Xmas ornaments to add to our rustic-inspired tree this year!


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