Friday, September 30, 2011

Kitchen Remodel Revealed

I'm so happy that my kitchen is finally finished!  My husband did everything himself so I can take 0 credit.  You can see a bit of the before here.  And here are the afters:
I'm soooooo happy to finally have a dishwasher!  I've gone without one for almost 11 years and I just don't how we did without!  He still has to add the curtains back up over the sink.
I have so much more cabinet space now!  And they are lower.  At 6', even I had a hard time reaching the old cabinets.  My poor husband is 5'6" so you can only imagine how hard it was for him - lol!
I'm still putting back some of the vintage goodies i.e. old signs, vintage pottery, etc. we had in here originally but I don't want to go overboard.  Neat and clean is my goal this time around!
Still trying to decide if I want to add knobs to the cabinets.  Those things are expensive and we can open them quite easily now but I almost feel like they are missing a little something-something.  We'll also be adding a little island soon to replace the old patio table and chairs we had in there.  For 11 years - ack!

So glad it's done!  One hurdle down and about 1,000 more to go!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Witches Ball Halloween Peat Pot

I still have a ton of these little peat pots left over from the summer.  I knew I wanted to do at least one for Halloween and when I saw this image over at The Graphics Fairy, I knew it would be perfect!
First I hot glued some vintage lace to the pot.  Then I hot glued the picture to the front.  I tied some tea-stained seam binding to the top.  Then I finished off with some black and orange rhinestones.  Add a little ghost candle and done!
Now of course I want to make some more!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pumpkin Trio

When one dollar store disappoints, another delivers!  Look at these adorable ceramic pumpkins I picked up this morning:
My usual dollar store did not have them - among other things.  I have to say these are pretty good quality.  You know how iffy some dollar store things can be but I give these two thumbs up!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Small Halloween Touches

It's official.  I have my first cold of the almost fall season.  It seems every time the weather turns unexpectedly, I get a cold.  Boo hoo!  Given my complete lack of energy this weekend, I was only able to eke out two small Halloween projects.  First up is this little spells bag:
I used some leftover coffee dyed fabric I had from last year.  I stitched up both sides of the fabric to create a little pouch.  I added a touch of polyfil to give the illusion that it might actually be holding wart of toad or eye of newt.  Then I hand-stamped the spells coffee tag and tied some tea-stained seam binding to it. 
Gather up the seam binding to close up the pouch and you have a petite pretty for Halloween.  Then I took some metal tags and hand-stamped some random Halloween images on them.
I add these all around the house in little nooks and crannies that can't seem to fit anything else.  Or I might even use them to tie my sons' class Halloween goody bags this year.  The possibilities are endless!

Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to blowing my nose.  =(


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quick Halloween Apothecary Jar

I have a ton of these apothecary jars on hand at all times.  Whenever Michael's or AC Moore has them on sale, I stock up because they really work well for any holiday-inspired projects.  Of course this morning, I decided to do a Halloween one.
I printed off the arsenic image from The Graphics Fairy (did anyone else notice Martha Stewart Crafts has a very similar label too?  Maybe Martha's been browsing Karen's site?!  Lol!).  I distressed the edges a bit and then mod podged it to the front of the jar.  I add another coat on top to seal it in.
Once it was dry, I added the orange rhinestone eyes and tea-stained seam binding.  I had some left over orange and black spiders from the Dollar Store so I added them in as well since I refuse to buy any type of Halloween candy just yet.  My kids would gobble it down in an instant.  Okay, okay, so would I!

So there you have it, another quick easy Halloween project for a mantel, bookshelf, etc.!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Quoth the Raven...Nevermore

So I'm slowly starting to put out my Halloween decorations.  Normally I wait until at least the 15th but me and the kids were getting a bit anxious.  Okay maybe it was more me!  I had a random black frame lying around so I made this:
I printed the old crow image from The Graphics Fairy onto some vintage sheet music.
Then I took out my mini letter stamps ($1 at Michaels!) and stamped: "Quoth the Raven Nevermore" - which I thought was quite fitting.

This is a really quick and easy project for a lazy, pre-Halloween afternoon.

Linking to The Graphics Fairy: Brag Monday.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's Thrifty Finds

Oh how I love popping into our local church thrift store.  They are only open on Friday, so I treat myself as much as I can each Friday.  Today did not disappoint!
The kitty was only $2.  I have to find a cute corner spot for her before my 4 year old stakes his claim for her.  He loves animals: cats and dogs being his favorite.  I also picked up some wood hangers for my Etsy shop.  The birdhouse is actually from a garage sale in Virginia.  As is the super super-8 camera.  It was $5!  Here's a close-up of it.  It still works!
I also picked up some sheet music, of course.  I never, ever turn down vintage sheet music.  The picture frames are for a Halloween makeover I have in my mind.  And lookie at the vintage books I scored!  Little Men for my little men.  They aren't in the best condition but I could not resist!
Hoping to hit some garage sales this weekend too.  This lot set me back $6.50!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stocking Up on Dollar Store Halloween Goodies

I confess...I started buying some Halloween decorations already.  I don't feel too guilty because these all came from my local dollar store.
I saved two glass jars with Halloween in mind - one held pasta sauce and the other honey.
I put some fake moss on the bottom of each jar.  Then I added my black spiders to one and the fake eyeballs to the other.  I used some coffee-dyed hang tags to hand-stamp each tag to my liking.  Use some tea-stained black seam binding to tie each tag around the top of your jars and done!
I couldn't resist the fake rats!  Don't they look very Pottery Barn-ish?  Their new catalog is filled with lots of Halloween goodies that you can totally find for cheaper at your dollar store.
Spooky right?!  What's not so spooky is the $8 I spent on everything and I still have plenty left over to play with!



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Romantic Homes Featuring My Tool Caddy

I was so excited when our mail landing this morning!  See anyone you know in here?  =)  Me!  And my tool caddy!
My page!

I feel like a mini celebrity of sorts!  Thanks to Romantic Homes for featuring me in your beautiful magazine!