Can You Feel the LOVE?

by - January 03, 2012

Adding a little more LOVE around the house in preparation of Valentine's Day.  If you saw the recent cover of Somerset Living, you'll know exactly where this little pretty came from:

I can't wait to make a few more of these!  I used a skinny strip of dyed muslin and hand-stamped je t'aime on it.  Tape it onto the spool and add a colorful safety pin for a finishing touch.  Adds just a pop of color!
I actually made this frame a couple of years ago.
Sweet little treat bag.
And how about a little XOXO in a white peat pot?
Oh yes, I am definitely feeling the love...and goofiness.  Me and my oldest son incognito this weekend.  (And I finally got the hubby to take the Xmas tree down!).


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