Mama's Got a New Set of Wheels!

by - January 25, 2012

Remember that old soda crate I found at a junk barn a couple of weeks ago?  The one that set me back a whole $5?!

Well, today I finally got my husband to put the wheels on the bottom.  Sure, I could have done it myself but I was afraid of splitting the wood.  Besides, you know how men like to feel needed...
Love it now that it's mobile!  I'm trying to figure out whether to make a liner because of this...I can't even imagine what this blue stuff is but it does smear when I try to wipe it out.
Yuck!  For now I have a piece of burlap covering the bottom to keep Mr. blue mess in his place.  Here's the crate now:
I'm not sure if I'll keep it as a toy crate but I do love the look of the vintage Pooh and friends, and my primitives bee girl in there.
I'm sure I'll play around until I feel the love.  Or at least until the boys figure out it has wheels and try to "ride" down the steps in it...Sigh!

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  1. I love that box and you will find so many ways to use it! Cute!!

  2. But didn't ask me what I would do with that super cute box!

    Hmm, let's see. Next to the sofa full of magazines, in a bathroom full of rolled up white towels, an herb garden...

    You will have fun with this one! Great find!


  3. I was wondering what you were going to do. Great idea.

  4. I love that crate, even more so now that it has wheels.Have a great day:)
    Mantha xx

  5. That is great!
    The first thing I thought of was that my son would have been wheeling 'roun the house in it!


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