Bathroom Tile Magnets

by - April 29, 2012

Feeling better and enjoying some gorgeous weather here today - yay!  Didn't get much garage sale shopping in but we did start organizing stuff for our garage sale next month.  While, cleaning up the garage, I found some bathroom tiles that we've had forever.

I just can't seem to toss them.  So I stared at them for awhile this morning and thought: wouldn't they make for some cute refrigerator magnets?
So I made some!  I bought this great French collage sheet off of Etsy.  I printed it out at 3.5" x 5" size on regular white paper and they were just a teeny bit off for the tile pieces.
I Mod Podged each image onto the tiles and then did a coat on top to seal the image.  Since they were all a little off on the top and bottom, I used some black paint to make a border.  Yes, my painting is a bit sloppy but I can live with it.  I think.
I used Glue Dots to add the magnets to the backs.  Not sure how sturdy the dots will be in the long run, but so far so good.  See the sloppy painting?!
Regardless of my sloppiness, I have them on the fridge already.  I'd love any suggestions on what to do on the tops and bottoms - other than black paint.  I think they look really cute this size, but I'm sure the uneven paint is going to start to gnaw at me every time I get something out of the fridge.  What can I say?  I'm a Virgo!

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