Turning an Oops into an Ooh La La

by - January 08, 2014

I am so lost in the fabric store.  Truly, no lie.  We have a great little one not too far from our house.  I popped in on Monday because I needed muslin for my Etsy shop.  

Usually I bring in a piece of what I need, but this time I thought I could wing it. I mean how many different types of muslin can there be?  Clearly, a lot.  I came home with the wrong kind.  Worst part, I didn't realize it until I began cutting and tearing it.
I couldn't possibly bring it back after I tortured the poor thing. When life hands you lemons, this crafter decided to turn them into lavender sachets.  Yup, some new lavender sachets for my shop.

And if you're wondering what was wrong with the muslin in the first place, it is a bit thin and sheer for my original needs.  But works perfectly for sachets.

Score!  Lemonade anyone?


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