Monday, September 29, 2014

And So It Begins...

We had a four-day weekend in our neck of the woods.  In between soccer practice, cub scouts and playdates, I didn't have any time for crafting.  I got nothing.  But I did start playing around with some Halloween decorations.
I know, super early but there are only 32 days til Halloween.  I hand-stamped some creepy words on this book stack.  I picked up the books from our local thrift store.
Black bottles and the candlesticks I've shared before.
This vintage typewriter never moves.  I decorate it too!
Some pieces from last year - including the wicked frame.
Found a home for my printer's tray.
And my favorite straws, pencils and bottles.

Hoping to get back to some other projects this week.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Halloween Door Hanger

Have you ever had one of those days where you had your mind set on one idea and end up making something completely different?
I wanted to make this: the ladder with the burlap boo.  However, I underestimated my burlap stash.  So I made this instead:
A creepy Halloween door hanger.
I used TAP paper to iron my image onto the burlap.  I never used it on burlap before and was a little nervous.  Surprisingly it took quite well.  I paired it with some blue ticking for the back (which I forgot to take a photo of) and some orange, tea-stained seam binding.
It's a little longer than I anticipated but will still make for a great decorative piece next month.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Creepy Dollar Store Pumpkins

I popped into the Dollar store yesterday looking for some of their resin pumpkins.  Score!  I got two each of three different styles. 
This pair I spray painted black to top off two Mason jars that I spray painted a metallic silver last week.
I love the texture of this set.  The black paint really makes them pop.
And I love how creepy they look now.  For the rest of my project, I stuffed each Mason jar with a few plastic bags and then added the faux moss for under each pumpkin.  The plastic bags come in handy when I need to fill something but don't want to waste tissue paper or, in this case, moss.
I finished up with some tea-stained seam binding.  Done and done. You'll probably see these Mason jars again because they will also be perfect for Xmas decor.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Spooky Halloween Printer's Tray

I picked up a black printer's tray at Michael's a few weeks ago.  I knew immediately that I was going to give it some Halloween touches.  And boy, did I!
Score one for me that it was already black.  Not painting here, yay! And even better?  I had everything I needed to get busy.
Lots going on here.  First I glued some vintage dictionary book pages and creepy cardstock to each slot.  
Then the fun really began. I dug out random Halloween-appropriate items that could easily fit.  The Halloween and Spooky flashcards I made a couple of weeks ago.  The creepy bottles are also from a previous project.
I stole the yucky bugs from my son (sssh, don't tell him!).
A skull sticker I made from an image bought from Etsy, and a French flashcard.  Craindre means "to fear" in French.  
Spooky + poison bottle = so perfect for Halloween.
Can't forget the skull and crossbones.  The stickers - including the 31 - are from a Tim Holtz set I bought a few months.
My only complaint, is there is no way to hang the tray the way it is now.  Easy solution: I'm going to hot glue soda can tabs to the back so I can string some black seam binding to hang it up.


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Monday, September 15, 2014

Doily Banner

I put some of the doilies I got on Friday to good use already.  I've been wanting to make a doily banner for a while now.  There have been different versions floating around on Pinterest and in the blogosphere.  Here is my version:
I used five doilies, twine and fabric glue.  Then I added some buttons to each doily and a couple of keys to the twine.
I have it hanging in our kitchen.
I really love the look and it was super easy.
Three thumbs up from my boys too.  =)

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Garage Sale Finds

Lucky me!  There was a garage sale this morning a few houses away from the boys' bus stop.  It was billed as a crafters' dream - and it was!
Look at all the loveliness I grabbed for $10.  Vintage lace, doilies and appliques.
Seam binding.
I was in heaven!  And the creative wheels are already turning.
Some items will also land in my Etsy shop.
I bought this whole box of Mason and canning jars for $3.



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

White Wednesday

Inspired by Petite Michelle Louise.  Happy White Wednesday all!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Creepy Candlesticks

First let me say I have not started decorating for Halloween.  =) I am busy making pieces and playing around with how I will display them later this month/early October.  This is a Pinterest-inspired project.  Lucky me, I had everything I needed!
I have a ton of these wood candlesticks.  I had painted and used them for other projects.  When I tire of them, I simply give them a fresh coat of paint.  This trio was perfect for this project.
I gave them all a few coats of black paint.  The jar is from a project I posted a week or so ago.  It's an old dressing jar that I also painted black.  I used E6000 glue to adhere it to the smaller of the candlesticks.
Then I got busy on the fun part: covering them with candle wax.  I just lit a candle and let the wax drip in random spots on the jar and the taller candlesticks.  
Super easy, right?  And so perfect for Halloween.  I'm thinking of displaying them on a stack of black books I picked up from a local thrift store, and using one of the flashcards I made last week.

Right now they are holding some of my French script candles, but I'm sure I'll be adding some Halloween-appropriate ones down the road.


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Friday, September 5, 2014

Sister-Inspired Halloween Banner

Have you seen the great Halloween banners my sister, Kathy from Creative Home Expressions has in her Etsy shop?  She had some last year that I loved but they sold out quickly.  Rats!  (She has since added more!) So, over the summer I picked up a canvas banner from Hobby Lobby so I could copycat a Halloween banner for fall.
I purchased the skull images from Graphique (my fave digital download shop!) on Etsy, and used TAP paper to iron them on my canvas.
Then I had to hunt down a stick from the garage.  Found one the kids used for roasting marshmallows last year (sssssh!).  It was pretty clean but I have to have my hubby cut the stick down to size. I used twine for my "hanger."
I also added some orange and black tea-stained seam binding like Kathy did.  I feel like it's missing some wording or another image so I may add something to the upper right corner.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Thanks to my sister for the Halloween inspiration!


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Autumn Touches

Even thought it was a sweltering 90 degrees here yesterday, I started putting out some autumn touches.  The kids went back to school and I just couldn't help myself during some work down time.
An autumn flash card to dress up one of my vintage typewriters.
And pumpkins galore!
I didn't realize I had so many.
They are on vintage scales, under cloches and in peat pots.
Some I made and some I've bought through the years.
I also added this great autumn printable found on Pinterest to my little vintage desk.  Yes, I'm ready for autumn!

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