Alice Peat Pots

by - May 18, 2015

I was tinkering with some peat pots over the weekend.  I had already given them a fresh coat of paint but I was struggling with what I wanted to put on them.

I found these cute Alice in Wonderland images on Pinterest.  I thought they'd be perfect to dress up my pots.
I also added some vintage lace to each one, faux Dollar Store moss and little trinkets here and there.
This one has a Queen of Hearts playing card.  Can you see the little glass jars tucked in there too?  They are my eat me and drink me vials.  Nevermind that lego piece in the picture and what looks like a crumb.  I have two boys, remember!

I'm pretty happy with how they came out but me thinks the label paper I used is going to start to peel off once it gets hot out.  So now I'm thinking of redoing them using TAP paper.


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