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by - December 11, 2018

I don't know about you, but my kids are itching for Christmas. And as the day draws near, I'm finding it harder to keep my 11 year old from getting antsy. So I was happy to team up with The Zebra to share some awesome holiday games!

From picture puzzles to writing activities, these family Christmas games are good for all ages. Adults or older kids can work with little ones, while having fun themselves.

A festive twist on the classic I-Spy and Bingo games, Christmas Decoration I-Spy Bingo is great for any outing. Whether you’re taking a long trip to see relatives or simply going to the grocery store, you and your family can keep an eye out for these holiday decorations. Consider laminating the pages to turn them into reusable cards.

Test your knowledge of famous songs for the season with the Christmas Song Lyric Challenge. This printable features fill-in-the-blank song lyrics for all of the holiday songs we know and love.

For those looking for a little more challenge this season, they can try their hand at the Christmas Picture Puzzle. This is what’s known as a rebus puzzle, a word or phrase made through the sounds of symbols. You and your family will love working together to solve these — it can get a little tricky.

Head on over to The Zebra to print our your family Christmas games (or click the link above)!


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