One Man's Trash is a 4 Year Old's Treasure

by - March 08, 2012

Driving home from pre-K today, I spotted this little table in the trash.  I pulled over to inspect it and it was in pretty good condition. 

As soon as my 4 year old saw it, he asked if it could be his.
Who am I to argue with that face?  I told him we have to paint it.  He wants to add Spongebob to it, so that should make for an interesting makeover.
Aside from some dust and having to tighten the bottoms, it really is a sweet little table.  Stay tuned for the makeover!


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  1. I have an almost identical table here in BC! It's a bit taller (unless, like you, your son is really tall!) and a fake cherry finish, but very it at the Sally Ann for about $10 and it's a perfect phone table, with the shelf for phone books...
    Free is infinitely better, though...

  2. How cute! Did he start telling you why he wanted it? It's such a nice size; I'm sure it will look great in his room. Maybe Dad could do the Spongebob part on the top - ?

  3. Such a great find! haha, i'm sure spongebob will be a great addition!!


  4. What a great find! Your son looks very pleased with his new table...can't wait to see the transformation.

  5. i'm glad to see you're teaching them young to appreciate recycled furniture. That spongebob should come to mind is something I will come back to see how it goes!


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