Frenchy Pendants

by - May 30, 2014

Still recovering from our mini vacation, but I did find some time yesterday to make some new Frenchy pendants.

I bought the kit while I was at Hobby Lobby.  It comes with the pendants, some numbers/designs and plastic inserts.  The number 2 is from the kit.
For the others, I wanted to add a Frenchy touch.  Problem is, the pendant space is super skinny.  Not too many images will fit into such a tiny space.
Still, I managed to find some images in my stash that work perfectly!  I already had the religious images printed out onto label paper so all I had to do was cut, peel and stick.
This one is from a piece of vintage French flashcard.  Tricky to cut, but fits like a glove!

I'm keeping the number 2 (it's my favorite number!), but the others are available in my Etsy shop.

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