Thrifty Finds

by - February 22, 2015

Anyone else suffering from cabin fever????  I know I am.  That's why we had to get out to our local church thrift store on Friday.  I got a pretty good haul for $5.

They were having a $1 bag sale on books, so we loaded up.
Lots of great vintage books!
This pretty, shabby dish was only $1.
I also picked up this case with lots of vintage thread - and eggs?! Not sure how the eggs fit into the equation, but I'm sure I'll find a use for them with Easter coming.

My husband picked up a heavy duty sweatshirt and the boys picked out a bunch of books too.  Not bad for $5!


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  1. good finds we had to get out but we walked a few miles in the beautiful sunshine today. I do need a thrifing fix soon

  2. Maybe your egg is a "darning egg" for darning socks?

  3. Nice find on the books and I love the vintage thread spools. I've seen some great craft projects using them as a base.

  4. Wow you got a great haul of goodies for only 5 dollars. Our Goodwill has become so over priced on everything. Love the rose platter and the threads are a great find.
    Yes, I am sure we will feel a bit of cabin fever here too as we woke to iced in conditions and everything is closed. It is still sleeting and although it looks pretty like snow, it is solid ice on the ground.
    Hugs, CM


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