Embellished Vintage Baby Shoes

by - March 31, 2015

I never realized how many pairs of vintage baby shoes I had in the house until I bought yet another pair on Friday.  After perusing Pinterest for some upcycling ideas, I decided to keep it simple for this first pair.

I started by stuffing each shoe with Poly-Fil to plump them up.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to make them into pin cushions or use them in my spring decor.  I opted for the latter.
I added some tea-stained seam binding and faux pearls to each shoe.  This one also got a petite French fabric tag.
On top of the Poly-Fil, I added some faux moss (from the Dollar store) and lil' photo holders to hold some vintage French flashcards.
I thought they'd look adorable in this little metal cage I upcycled a couple of years ago.  I'm working on the next pair as we speak!


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  1. These are adorable = would make a great centerpiece for a baby shower, too!

  2. Darn, these are cute! I'm pinning them!


  3. So cute! Love your designs for the baby shoes. I have quit a few in my stash too. Been creating them as pin cushions, but needed some new ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter.
    Hugs, CM


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