I Survived Lilly for Target

by - April 20, 2015

Oh boy!  As someone who has never, ever done a Black Friday in her life, Target's launch of their Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection came pretty close to Black Friday madness.

I was literally up every hour Sunday morning trying to buy online so I could avoid the above photo.  Since the site kept crashing, I went to bed and got up 3 hours later.  I drove over to my local Target and there was about 50 people already in line.  Before 8 a.m.
They let us in eleven at a time, but by the time I got in, most of the clothing was gone.  I did get the two bracelets I wanted and some makeup bags.
I then started furiously grabbing random pieces - not making note of the sizes.  I went home with four pieces of clothing including this tunic.  Three pieces I returned later in the day because they were huge on me.  Luckily this one fit.

My husband told me I was crazy not to list the other three items on eBay but I believe in karma and I wasn't about to mark them up to some crazy amount.  Hopefully, someone who really wanted the pieces to wear - and NOT resell - grabbed the three I returned.


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  1. Wow, sounds like it was crazy at "Tar-jay"! I didn't even know that line was coming to the store til I saw the craziness on the news last night. I heard that things are selling at ridiculous prices on ebay!


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