It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...

by - November 26, 2016


I actually started adding a few pieces here and there over the past week.  But today, we are in full Christmas decoration mode.
I am trying (keyword in the sentence: trying) to keep things a little more simple this year.
Between two boys, two cats and my husband, someone or something is always messing with my decorations.  Grrrr...
So I'm not going to get frustrated this year.  I'm just doing more with less.
I'm finding new ways to display old favorites and utilizing different spots to place my Xmas goodies.
Our tree is not up yet as I'm afraid the cats will knock it down. Again.  Like last year.  So another week or so before we tackle that.
For now, I have this one set up in my tea-room/she-shed.  I can admire it out there without the worry of a kitty (or two) knocking it down.


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