~french script candles~

by - May 01, 2017

The best-selling item in my Etsy shop is hands-down my French script candles.  Problem is, I'm a type-A personality and if there's even something slightly off with them, I will not sell them.  So what do I do with all the cast-offs?

I add some here and there.  This is an upcycled zinc watering can.  I cleaned her up and added some French stickers and a bunch of my candles tied with twine.  Can you see them at the tippy-top????
And since it was so nice here today, I got around to spray painting some old soup cans that I plan to use as little planters.
I found my images on The Graphics Fairy and used some Mod Podge to add them to the front of the cans.  But back to the candles...
Here are a few more tucked away in a vintage flour sifter that sits in my tea room.  They are literally everywhere!  And since I don't mind the imperfections, I happily display them wherever I can.


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  1. Ahhh---the confessions of a perfectionist!!! xo Diana


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