~falling into autumn~

by - September 19, 2017

Just sharing a few more autumn touches about the house.  The message board is from Joann Fabric ($14).  I love creating different messages on it, but I'm probably going to keep this one up for a bit as it captures everything I love about autumn.
This toolbox is an upcycle of an upcycle.  I had painted it pink and added some French touches when I kept it in our bathroom.  This time I just gave it a few coats of white spray paint and dressed it up for the kitchen using some faux plants and wood cutting boards.
And my theme for our tea-room/she-shed this year is: Alice in Wonderland!  I'm still playing around with it, but so far I'm loving the framed Alice sheet music and the Alice tags I found on Pinterest.  Not sure if you can see it, but Hatter's hat is indeed there!  Stay tuned as this one is a work in progress.


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