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by - December 29, 2017

It's probably no surprise that I've already started working on some Valentine's Day projects.  Today I'm sharing some sweet framed prints that were super easy and relatively free to make.  To start, I jumped over to Pinterest and started searching up shiplap backgrounds.
After scrolling through what seemed like 100 shiplap wall paper pins, I finally found a pretty background that perfectly captured what I was looking for.  After downloading it to my computer, I headed over to DaFont to find some faux calligraphy fonts that I could use for my prints.  My favorite is called Autumn in November.  It's what I used on this "i love you more" print above.
Then I found this great old typewriter font that was just screaming out to be used too.  It's called Lucky Typewriter.  Now if you're not familiar with DaFont, you simply search up the type of font you are looking for and then download it safely to your computer.  Yes, you have to go through the whole extract all files hub-bub, but believe me, it's worth it!
Once you've downloaded your font, simply print out your shiplap background onto plain white paper (or cardstock).  Then open a Word document and line up your words for how you want them to look on the shiplap paper.  Feed the shiplap paper (that you already printed) through your printer and simply print the Word document onto it.  

Super easy, right?!  Total cost $0 - unless you're like me and you had to head to Target to buy a new 8x10 frame to put one in.  So this cost me $6.99 total.


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