~tea room/she-shed update~

by - September 28, 2018

After months of nagging asking my husband nicely, he finally got around to helping clean up my tea room/she-shed.  Here's the before:
I was sad to see the black and white flooring go, but the tiles were so old, dirty and peeling.  This time we opted for a marble-looking peel and stick tile from Armstrong.
They were very easy to use.  You basically peel and stick after cutting to fit your space.  Luckily, my hubby only had to cut a few pieces to fit in random areas.
He did an amazing job!  Once the floor was done, we got busy laying some pea gravel.
The grass never seems to grow in this area and pea gravel seemed like a good solution.
I'm really loving the look!  
We finally replaced the thatch roof that blew off during Hurricane Sandy(!).
All that's left is to paint the doors.  They will be white.  I'll also be adding our annual Halloween touches this weekend.  We spent about $350 for the tile, pea gravel and thatch roofing.  Stay tuned for more updates!


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