~luck o' the irish~

by - February 26, 2020

Who else has started decorating for St. Patrick's Day?!  I don't do a lot for this particular holiday (even though I'm 1/4 Irish!), but I do enjoy what we have.  The gold coins, shamrocks and hats from this picture are all from Dollar Tree.  The printables are courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.
You've seen this tiered tray before.  It's from Target and I have used it for every holiday since I scored it.  It sits on the "island" in our kitchen.  The hats are from - you guessed it! - Dollar Tree.  The Bingo coins are from the local thrift store and the wood beads are from Decor Steals.  Everything else I DIY'd.
No holiday is complete without some Scrabble letters.  My husband didn't understand the no pinches, lol.  I had to explain it to him.  Doh!

Aside from some other randomly placed shamrocks and gold coins, this is the extent of my St. Patrick's Day decorating.  I'm secretly counting down the days until Easter...


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