~diy halloween~

by - September 24, 2020

This is definitely my most favorite time of year.  The weather is cooler and the creative juices are flowing.  Most of what I'm sharing with you are under 5 (minutes) DIYs.

First up is this cute little crow frame.  I saw something similar on Pinterest, and since I had the frame and faux crow, I decided to make my own version.  The frame was originally red for Christmas, but I gave it a few coats of orange spray paint for Halloween.  I hot glued the crow to the frame and added a soda can tab to the back to be able to hang it.  It's happily residing on the front porch.

Next up is this absinthe prayer candle.  Absinthe is a highly alcoholic beverage that was banned at one point.  I don't dabble in drinking, but I do love the design of this old ad.  It's perfect for Halloween.  I used the candle, image and Mod Podge, and was done in literally 2 minutes.

And speaking of absinthe...how perfect are these sugar cubes in a metal cauldron?!  The cauldron was a thrift store find.  The absinthe sugar cubes are from eBay ($7.95 for 20 packs).  I never realized how perfect green is for Halloween!

Those are just a few of my Halloween touches this year.  Stay tuned for more...


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