~c'mon autumn~

by - September 09, 2021

(Wood rosette pumpkins.)

I'm just going to say it.  "Take a hike summer and bring on autumn."  After a couple of cooler days last week, we're back to summer part 2.  And I'm done.
(Jenga block pumpkins in white.)

I want to get my autumn on and Mother Nature is putting a kink in my plans.  Sure the warmer weather is great for drying spray paint.  BUT, the heat does zero for my motivation.
(Blinged out Dollar Tree skull.)

I'm ready to embrace cooler days and I'm growing impatient.
(Upcycled toy tractor.)

I know I'm not the only one...Anywho, all of the crafts featured here were made with items I already had in the house or, like the skull, purchased at Dollar Tree.  Scroll back a few posts for directions on how to make your own Jenga block pumpkins.


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