Ballard Designs-Inspired Bee Pillow: Repost from OCB

by - 7:04 PM

Another favorite repost from my old One Cheap B*tch blog:

I have a thing for bugs.  I don't love actual bugs (lady bugs and water bugs being the exceptions!) but for some reason I love them in my home decor.  And if you've seen the latest Ballard Designs catalog, they have bees everywhere which led me to this:

I used my newest Cricut cartridge to print out a bee stencil and then got to work painting it with black fabric paint onto a piece of burlap.  I used a different approach this time: first I sprayed the burlap with spray adhesive so the stencil stayed in place (I had been using tape but it doesn't hold down well on the fabric).  Then I used a sponge-brush to kind of dot the fabric paint on which is 1,000 times faster than using a paintbrush and light strokes.
I sewed the burlap onto a piece of muslin, stuffed and voila - done!

Total cost: $0.  Don't you just love when you already have everything you need?!


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