Ballard Designs-Inspired Bee Pillow: Repost from OCB

by - August 18, 2011

Another favorite repost from my old One Cheap B*tch blog:

I have a thing for bugs.  I don't love actual bugs (lady bugs and water bugs being the exceptions!) but for some reason I love them in my home decor.  And if you've seen the latest Ballard Designs catalog, they have bees everywhere which led me to this:

I used my newest Cricut cartridge to print out a bee stencil and then got to work painting it with black fabric paint onto a piece of burlap.  I used a different approach this time: first I sprayed the burlap with spray adhesive so the stencil stayed in place (I had been using tape but it doesn't hold down well on the fabric).  Then I used a sponge-brush to kind of dot the fabric paint on which is 1,000 times faster than using a paintbrush and light strokes.
I sewed the burlap onto a piece of muslin, stuffed and voila - done!

Total cost: $0.  Don't you just love when you already have everything you need?!


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  1. Love it Jeanine! I love bees and your pillow came out great! I've gotta get a Circut one of these days!

  2. I don't remember seeing this so this was new to me! I really like this project....I think they would be great with some Halloween images.

  3. Bugs and lady bugs make me smile when they are in my decor. Live bugs in my house.....not so much. Your pillow is in the cute category, and even better because it was free! Have a great weekend!

  4. I now wish I never got rid of mine it sat for a year and used it two times now I see I want one again!!! LOL Love your pillows

  5. Beautiful Jeanine. I'm with you,there's only certain bugs I like too. Lady bugs and dragon flies. I LOVE bees but since I'm highly allergic they must be by picture only.
    Have a great weekend -
    ~ Deanna

  6. Could you cut the design with your Cricut using freezer paper for the stencil?


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