Stocking Up on Dollar Store Halloween Goodies

by - September 08, 2011

I confess...I started buying some Halloween decorations already.  I don't feel too guilty because these all came from my local dollar store.

I saved two glass jars with Halloween in mind - one held pasta sauce and the other honey.
I put some fake moss on the bottom of each jar.  Then I added my black spiders to one and the fake eyeballs to the other.  I used some coffee-dyed hang tags to hand-stamp each tag to my liking.  Use some tea-stained black seam binding to tie each tag around the top of your jars and done!
I couldn't resist the fake rats!  Don't they look very Pottery Barn-ish?  Their new catalog is filled with lots of Halloween goodies that you can totally find for cheaper at your dollar store.
Spooky right?!  What's not so spooky is the $8 I spent on everything and I still have plenty left over to play with!



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