Spring Touches

by - February 25, 2012

There is less than a month until the official start of Spring.  Although we've had a relatively mild winter here, I am sooooooo ready for Spring!  I started adding some seasonal touches to the homestead yesterday.  Putting them out immediately made me feel much perkier!

I have to thank my sister Kathy (Creative Home Expressions) for my acquiring these little cloches.  I have been admiring them on her blog for over a year and I finally bought the trio for myself.  I have them set up on the diningroom table with some eggs I bought from Sav-On-Crafts last year:
This beat up garage sale scale got a nest as well!
It just kind of hangs out on our stairs.
I made this quick little ruffle-bottom tea towel with our last name initial during the week.  The towel is from the dollar store.  Since I gave up on trying to learn to make ruffles, I did the next best thing.  I ordered some ruffle trim from Jo-Ann's!
And my husband kept reminding me to post this Valentine's Day sheet music flower he made for me after seeing a tutorial on Yahoo.  Ain't he cute?!  Nevermind that mess though in my kitchen!

I'm trying to pace myself with putting out our Easter decorations, but knowing me, they'll be up in a week!


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