Estate Sale Finds

by - June 15, 2012

I popped over to a local estate sale this morning.  I had gone last week but the prices were outrageous.  I thought maybe this morning they'd be more flexible and they were...on certain items.

I picked up these vintage graters to hang in the kitchen.  The small one actually has a peeler at the top.
Not sure if you can tell but this mason jar has a crown on it.  How could I pass that up for $2?
Do you see it?  I'm not sure it has the right lid but I can live with it. 
These little vintage crates used to house cream cheese.  Yup, that's how they used to deliver it to your house.  I love when the old timers share a bit of history with me.  My grandfather worked in a food store in Brooklyn and I wonder if he used to deliver these around the neighborhood back in the 30s?!  I will have to ask my mom.

I'm bummed, though, because they had a vintage Coca Cola crate ($15) and two vintage scales ($50 each) that I just couldn't justify buying.  Considering Cola crates are barely fetching $10 on Ebay these days, I know they were a bit overpriced.  Overall, I'm happy with my haul.


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  1. Great finds! Love the crown mason jar and those crates are great!

  2. Love those graters! I hate when you find something you love but know it's overpriced. Sometimes I regret it but most of the time I don't -- keep looking -- you'll find those crates and scales!

  3. Hi Jeanine,
    Your finds are so charming, i love everything you found. Enjoy!


    Laura :0)

  4. Those vintage graters are going to make a cute collection in your kitchen. Love the crown jar too.


  5. I am in love with your crown jar, I've never seen one like it! Lucky you! I hate it when sales are so overpriced, sometimes it seems as though they mark things higher than retail!!

  6. Love everything you found, but that mason jar with the crown makes me want it!

    I am often amazed at the ridiculous prices that some ask at estate sales. Most of the time, it ends up sitting there until they reduce it down.

    Better luck at the next one.


  7. Nice finds! Know what you mean about the high prices. Many of the antique/junkin places around this area have closed their doors - they kept prices over the top and people quit shopping there.

  8. Great finds ~ love the crown jar and the cheese boxes! My friend recently bought some for her kitchen to hold canning jars full of spices!

  9. Wow, I love that crown bottle and the cream cheese crates. They are wonderful.


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