Estate Sale Finds

by - June 15, 2012

I popped over to a local estate sale this morning.  I had gone last week but the prices were outrageous.  I thought maybe this morning they'd be more flexible and they were...on certain items.

I picked up these vintage graters to hang in the kitchen.  The small one actually has a peeler at the top.
Not sure if you can tell but this mason jar has a crown on it.  How could I pass that up for $2?
Do you see it?  I'm not sure it has the right lid but I can live with it. 
These little vintage crates used to house cream cheese.  Yup, that's how they used to deliver it to your house.  I love when the old timers share a bit of history with me.  My grandfather worked in a food store in Brooklyn and I wonder if he used to deliver these around the neighborhood back in the 30s?!  I will have to ask my mom.

I'm bummed, though, because they had a vintage Coca Cola crate ($15) and two vintage scales ($50 each) that I just couldn't justify buying.  Considering Cola crates are barely fetching $10 on Ebay these days, I know they were a bit overpriced.  Overall, I'm happy with my haul.


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