French Sacks

by - June 05, 2012

I've been cleaning house since last week.  Prepping for our upcoming garage sale.  I keep finding little odds and ends here and there that slipped my mind.  I had a stack of ordinary dollar store lunch bags and decided to spruce them up a bit:

I used some patterned crafting scissors to cut off the tops of each bag.  Then I distressed some French poetry pages and glued them to the front of each bag.
I added a white faux pearl to the top of each bag and then tied them altogether with some bakers twine.  The first one got some pretty vintage lace at the bottom with two more pearls on either side.
My husband already told me he will NOT be using them to bring his lunch to work.  That's okay, hon, they weren't meant for you anyway.  These little pretties are safely tucked away in the corner cabinet.  ;)


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  1. Your French Sacks came out beautifully!TFS.


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