No-Sew French Bird Pouches

by - June 20, 2012

I wanted to dress up these burlap pouches that I've had forever.  I knew I wanted to add some fabric to the front but I just didn't want to got through the hassle of sewing it on.  I just don't know how to maneuver through the pouch without getting frustrated.  Plan B: fabric glue!

I hand-stamped my bird images onto each piece of fabric first.  One has Paris at the bottom and the other je t'aime.  I used a cherry pink ink for both which I think matches quite nicely with the pinks in the fabric.
Then I lined up each fabric piece onto the burlap front (I put a card in between so the burlap wouldn't glue together, thus, rendering the pouch useless) and simply glued it on.  Yeah, I'm easy like that.
Once that was dry, I glued on the vintage lace to the bottoms.  I added a grungy red safety pin to one - just because.  I tucked in some vintage French poetry paper in both.
I have one displayed in a basket I picked up last weekend at my sister's favorite Long Island store: Lavender Fields (hey, Kath, they are moving!).  I put the other one on a bookshelf.

Not having to go through the hassle of sewing: priceless!


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  1. These look so pretty! Love the bird images on the fabric. That fabric glue is great. I love using it on certain projects where sewing would just be impossible. She's moving? Well, I hope that means she's doing well. She only moved to that location a few years ago from across the street {where you never knew they were even there}.

  2. these are so sweet - you have the greatest ideas and have a knack of making them look so easy to make!


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