Petite Alice in Wonderland Frames

by - June 02, 2012

I picked up this pair of frames at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago.  What made them so very interesting is that they had a small piece of canvas in the back instead of the usual cardboard backing.  I wasn't sure what to do with them since the canvas kept falling out.  Finally, I decided to test some Avery label paper on the canvas part and here's how they came out:

I love that I didn't have to repaint them.  All I did was cut the label paper to fit the canvas.  Peel, stick and done!  Well not quite.
Because the canvas kept coming out, I had to glue it on.  So far so good.  For one of them, I glued some tea-stained seam binding to the back so it could be easily hung up.
I really love the Alice scene in both of them!  And they really do look like someone drew or painted them onto canvas.


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  1. Oh these are quite lovely :-) I espcially like the sandy-coloured frame. Good job!


  2. I remember when you showed finding these. That was a great idea ~ I bet it does look like a drawing on canvas.


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